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About Byre Bodycare

Byre British BodyCare

Luxury Body Washes containing whey sourced from British Cows

Introducing our new range of luxury Body Washes containing 96% naturally derived ingredients including sweet whey powder. Sourced from British cows, whey is a highly efficacious and nutritious ingredient.

Enriched with aloe vera, sustainable poppy seed oil, vitamins and natural extracts, our rich creamy formulations cleanse your skin leaving it feeling beautifully soft and silky smooth.

The dairy industry annually wastes 870,000 tonnes of whey, a by-product of milk and cheese production, so we are delighted to make use of this unwanted whey as a key ingredient in our products.

We have also committed a percentage of our annual net sales to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, rabi.org.uk, to help support farming people facing adversity.

Byre BodyWash Range

All of the range contain 96% naturally derived ingredients

Byre Bodywashes are free from parabens, silicones, synthetic colours and mineral oils

Our bottles and caps are widely recycled


Quentin Higham, Managing Director, Byre Bodycare

Quentin Higham
Managing Director / Byre Bodycare
“Inspired by my late Grandfather and having being brought up on the adage of ‘waste not, want not’, I am delighted that we have been able to use whey, a waste product of the dairy industry, as a key ingredient in our highly efficacious range of Byre Bodycare products, which I am pleased to say, contain 96% naturally derived ingredients. We are also thrilled that we are able to support the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution in a small way, by donating a percentage of net sales to help farming people in hardship.”


Stephen Noble, Head of Fundraising, R.A.B.I

Stephen Noble
Head of Fundraising / R.A.B.I
“We have been genuinely impressed with Byre Bodycare’s wish to support our vital British dairy farming industry and are delighted to partner them in supporting the exciting launch of the Byre Bodycare range. This represents a new territory for R.A.B.I as the partnership will help raise R.A.B.I awareness whilst aiming to raise valuable funds.”


Alicia Chivers, CEO, R.A.B.I

Alicia Chivers
“There is a perception in some quarters that all farmers are wealthy, but this is not the case. Many live below the poverty line or only have an income when they’ve got something to sell. Farming is a vital industry, bringing so much of the food you eat to your table. However, being a farmer is no easy life and the job brings with it unavoidable challenges.”