About the whey used by Byre

About the whey used by Byre

Our new range of luxury Body Washes contain 96% naturally derived ingredients including sweet whey powder. Sourced from British cows, whey is a highly efficacious and nutritious ingredient that often just goes to waste.

The whey that is used in Byre Bodycare is either sourced as raw milk from approximately 200 British Red Tractor farm assured contracted suppliers or as whey concentrate from the same farms (as long as they are GFSI certified cheese manufacturers). GFSI certification is a scheme that ensures suppliers have procedures in place to control food safety. Examples of GFSI certification are BRC, IFS and FSSC.

Milk collections are completed every day or every other day to ensure the quality of raw milk supplied. Collections are dependent on volume produced and storage capacity at each farm. Although there is no minimum to be one of the 200 farms – yield, location and transportation costs are considered as each farm must be cost effective.

Whey is a by-product of cheese manufacturing; it is the liquid remaining after the cheese has been curdled and strained. The whey is then concentrated, so the total solid is increased from 20% to approx 50% by the removal of water. This is completed by either evaporation or by nano filtration resulting in a viscous solution. This is then spray dried at temperatures of approximately 200°C, which then turns the solution to a powder. Then it is cooled prior to storage and packing.

The concentrated whey helps to save on transport costs, as you can condense four tankers of normal whey into just one tanker of concentrated whey.

At our product manufacturers, the whey powder is added to the other ingredients that make up the Byre Body Washes. It is first pre-mixed with deionised water, then heated to 75°C to pasteurise the whey. Just like milk, whey can have a high microbe count, so this process is introduced so as not to overwhelm each Body Wash’s preservative system.

Although the whey used makes up 1% of the Body Wash formulations, it is a highly efficacious and nutritious ingredient that makes a real and unique difference to your skin.

The Body Washes are then enriched with aloe vera, sustainable poppy seed oil (that comes from a farm outside Winchester), vitamins and natural extracts, all of which help deliver Byre’s rich creamy formulations that cleanse the skin leaving it feeling super soft and silky smooth.